Freelancing in Tokyo
By: Steve Trautlein | Feb 17, 2010 | Issue: 830 | 9 Comments | 9,298 views

Job seekers need all the help they can get these days—and that’s doubly true for foreigners in Japan. In an upcoming discussion at Good Day Books, longtime expat David Chester offers tips from his new book, Freelancing in Tokyo: A Unique Guide to Achieving Financial Success in Japan’s Most Expensive City. Among the topics to be covered are “Big Money Comes Easy; Small Money Comes Hard” and “Japan Pays You to Learn.” Chester, who during his nearly two decades in Tokyo has worked at jobs ranging from voiceover actor to pianist to Japan Times columnist, will also offer up his favorite stories—and mishaps—from a long and varied freelancing career.

Freelancing in Tokyo
Long-time expat David Chester offers tips and discussions from his new book. Feb 28, 6:30pm, free (with purchase of book). Good Day Books, Ebisu. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-5421-0957.



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  • antipode1

    just dropped in to say that Good Day Books is a dreary and depressing establishment that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. the staff are miserable and, in turn, spread that misery to their customers, whether consciously or unconsciously. I wish Mr. Chester chose a different place.

  • James Hadfield

    I can count on one hand the places in Tokyo with a decent selection of second-hand books in English. This is one of them. That sounds like recommendation enough to me.

  • antipode1

    I suppose lack of competition is the reason they can get away with their lack of quality service.

  • James Hadfield

    Eh, maybe. I just want books. Couldn’t care less about whether the person behind the counter is a grumpy old coot.

  • chrisyoung

    I suppose the best of both worlds would be ideal – “Good books, no coots!” Someone should make a T shirt with that on it… (NB. This comment is made half seriously and half in jest. Those who take affront – concerned I may be unfairly representing coots (it’s a type of hairless bird isn’t it?) – it’s okay, I was only kidding anyway :) To balance out my prejudice I suggest the making of another t-shirt boldly emblazoned with the slogan “Save the old coots!”)

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  • newyork29

    I went to Good Day books for the “Tokyo Vice” book talk and found the staff extremely rude and discourteous. They are a couple of dried up characters who think selling books makes them intellectuals and that they are doing you a favor to sell you their old yellowed well-thumbed tomes! Avoid this place.

  • Metropolis Media

    This shit is the froth of legend! I need to go check out this store and start some shit with the counter-clerk!

  • crashblossoms

    what are “books”? and what’s a “bookstore”?

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