Rojin Shinpi
The ever-growing demographic refuses to be ignored
By: Margarita | Apr 24, 2012 | Issue: 944 | No Comments | 2,064 views

Photo by Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Seniors today are not only ruling the country, they are gaining vitality, and getting wilder than ever. Who are these curiously eccentric people and why are they doing what they are doing? These questions are posed at the obscurely located Gallery Shuhari, la‬unched by graduates of Resist, the workshop of innovative photographers Masayuki Yoshinaga and Daido Moriyama. Former student and editor of two edgy magazines, Keigo Katayama, will hold a joint exhibition with Japan’s most progressive photojournalist Kyoichi Tsuzuki, on the subject of the ever-growing demographic that refuses to be ignored.

Gallery Shuhari. May 1-27, free (listing).



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