The Best of the Yamatane Collection
Draws on one of the world’s finest Nihonga collections
By: Dan Grunebaum | Dec 27, 2011 | Issue: 927 | No Comments | 1,937 views

<em>Restaurant</em> by Yuzo Saeki. Courtesy of Yamatane Museum

The Yamatane Museum celebrates 45 years as Japan’s first museum specializing in Nihonga, or Japanese-style modern painting. “The Best of the Yamatane Collection” draws on one of the world’s finest Nihonga collections, with pieces by illustrious artists who played pivotal roles in defining a role for Japanese painting from the Meiji through Heisei periods like Yokoyama Taikan and Hayami Gyoshu. It also extends beyond Nihonga to include Edo-period Rimpa and literati paintings, and ukiyo-e prints by renowned masters such as Tōshūsai Sharaku and Katsushika Hokusai.

Yamatane Museum, until Feb 5 (listing).



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