The Atlanta rapper arrives to big it up for Japan
By: Don Crispy | Apr 28, 2011 | Issue: 892 | No Comments | 4,007 views

Courtesy of Positive Production

With mainstream promoters shying away from all but the safest hip-hop acts, it’s often been left to expat American Broderick “Mo” Morris’s Positive Production to introduce edgier rap artists to Japan.

Fabo (real name Lefabian Williams) gained renown as the flamboyant frontman of D4L, a quartet of rappers from the gritty Atlanta projects best known for their 2006 number-one smash “Laffy Taffy.” The song symbolized so-called “snap” music, a booty-shaking rap derivative built on tracks stripped down to bare-bones rhythms and snapping, hence the term.

Metropolis reached the 29-year-old Fabo, who recently had drug and gun charges dropped against him and is now in college, ahead of his visit for Positive’s latest Jewelz event. The Yokohama all-nighter this time doubles as a fundraiser for victims of the Tohoku earthquake.

What’s the status of the D4L reunion?
The D4L reunion is definitely in the works.

Tell us about your latest track.
My latest track is called “I Just Gotta Dance.” It’s a song filled with a variety of dances… It’s like me coming to an epiphany of all my dances and me. It’s like me saying the competition can’t keep up! I actually got my inspiration for the song from a previous visit when I performed at [Positive Production’s] BMO Music Festival in Japan.

Where does snap music stand today?
Snap music is a stereotype. My music is hip-hop, and right now hip-hop is even greater because of me. The ringtone era is dominant because of D4L… We changed the game. “Laffy Taffy” was the original fastest selling ringtone, actually earning us a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

What is right and wrong with hip-hop as it stands today?
Hip-hop can never be wrong because it’s constantly evolving. I’d bet the pioneers of hip-hop could never imagine that artists would be so successful when they created it. I just wish that artists would do more for the world with their message.

Tell us about your previous visits to Japan.
Oh man, I’ve been to Japan three times and I’m embarking on my fourth trip right now. It’s one of the greatest places on Earth and they really make me feel like the hip-hop Michael Jackson they say I am. Shout out to the Japanese people for always keeping me one step ahead!

What kind of set are you bringing to Yokohama?
An energetic, once in a lifetime experience. If you haven’t seen me already, you gotta see it in person. It’s hard to explain, I’m so original… It’s gonna be a party! I’m getting my fans fired up on Twitter right now. Add me on Twitter.com/faboofd4l and my new Facebook page: facebook.com/faboofd4l.

Jewelz@Yokohama Bay Hall, May 7. See club listings for details.



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