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  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Spooky Speech   14 hours, 4 minutes ago · View

    Thumbnail Unlike the West, Japan’s spooky season peaks in August with obon. This is a good time to let people know what you can or can’t handle when it comes to creepy situations. Don’t be afraid! Use the structure “ (noun) ga (adjective) desu ” to tell them what you mean.

    Scary Sentiments JP: Watashi wa yurei ga kowai desu . EN: I’m [...]
  • intern1 wrote a new blog post: Saturday 23   14 hours, 31 minutes ago · View

    FESTIVALS Enjoy Super Yosakoi where traditional Kochi dancing competitions will be held in Harajuku

  • Editorial wrote a new blog post: Born to Be Bad   20 hours, 51 minutes ago · View

    Thumbnail Metropolis met with dancer, artist and choreographer Rasta Thomas, the creator of Bad Boys of Dance, a hard-rockin’ multi-talented dance troupe based out of Takoma Park, Maryland. Thomas was in town to talk about his upcoming show, Rock the Ballet 2 , a combination of ballet, contemporary dance and modern music. From Punches to Pirouettes Thomas’ father held a [...]

  • Julanka wrote a new blog post: August 22, 2014   1 day, 2 hours ago · View


    An explosion of hanabi colors as seen from my balcony, by Benj Morato

  • helen wrote a new blog post: Barbeque Tokyo, Part Three (Katsushika-ku, Adachi-ku, Kita-ku)   1 day, 8 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailMore barbeque-location goodness. Today we’re in Edogawa-ku. Remember that garbage, cancellation and pet policies, holidays and prices vary. Katsushika-ku, Adachi-ku and Kita-ku Mizumoto Koen (水元公園) What to do: barbeque, water play, bird watching Facilities: washrooms, dog run, restaurant, museum, playground, meeting rooms, indoor garden Parking: available Pets: none in the barbeque area Reservations: starting from one month before desired date. Equipment, food [...]

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Top 3 Kanto Beer Gardens   1 day, 13 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailThe beer garden is the undisputed champ at helping thirsty Tokyoites beat Japan’s summer heat. Popular for groups of friends—and even ranked highly as date destinations—most offer barbecue as well as brews to complete the summer experience. To make your destination decision easier, we’ve tracked down a list of the top three beer gardens in Tokyo [...]

  • intern1 wrote a new blog post: Friday 22   1 day, 14 hours ago · View

    CLUBBING Get your groove on and become the Champ of the night at The Room in Shibuya

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  • Editorial wrote a new blog post: Tsubasa Nagase Gambare-Sai   1 day, 21 hours ago · View

  • Jeff W. Richards wrote a new blog post: Paris Bound   1 day, 22 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailTokyo fashion seems to be suffering an exodus of some of its finest talent, with the shocking announcement that designer Kunihiko Morinaga’s celebrated label Anrealage will relocate its Tokyo Fashion Week show to Paris. Known for its cutting-edge, technology-infused collections that can change both size and color to suit the whim of the wearer, the brand joins [...]

  • Jeff W. Richards wrote a new blog post: iTower   2 days ago · View

    ThumbnailEntertainment chain iDarts has come up with an illuminated drink server that just reached Japanese shores. Available in seven colors, the LED-lit iTower (¥10,584) holds up to 3 satisfying liters of liquid ambrosia while still being slim enough to fit on the smallest kitchen counter. Our recommended summer recipe is a boozy iced tea: Fill the tower [...]

  • dfwinspector posted an update:   2 days, 1 hour ago · View has completed over 15,000 inspections since 1984. We have completed many different types Dallas home inspector of inspections from houses under construction, new homes, exisiting houses being purchased or sold, end of warranty inspections, apartment complexes, restaurants and office buildings

  • Davi Azevedo wrote a new blog post: August 21, 2014   2 days, 1 hour ago · View

    Thumbnail YOU DON’T SAY A researcher at Kyushu University has found “no scientific basis” for the widely held Japanese belief that blood type plays a role in personality. A Nakano Ward assembly member offered his resignation after tweeting that politicians who support Japan’s right to exercise collective self-defense should “die.” Executives at Sapporo Holdings Ltd. say the group will suffer its first-ever net [...]

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  • Julanka wrote a new blog post: August 21, 2014   2 days, 2 hours ago · View


    Fukagawa Hachiman matsuri, by Zita

  • Julanka wrote a new blog post: August 27, 2014   2 days, 2 hours ago · View


    Vital Material, by Benj Morato

  • Jeff W. Richards wrote a new blog post: Ladybeard   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailAussie cosplay cross-dresser and headbanger Ladybeard told Metropolis about his extreme take on kawaii and the mystical origins of his sailor suit. What possessed you to become Ladybeard? The seed for the character was planted when I was 14 and started going to parties wearing my big sister’s school dress. Whenever I went cross-dressed, everyone would have more fun [...]

  • dangrunebaum wrote a new blog post: A night with Jupiter & Okwess International   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailGet up close and personal with one of the steamiest Afrobeat bands on the planet. Jupiter & Okwess International are the creation of bandleader Jupiter Bokondji. Born in 1990, the band’s trajectory was cut short by the civil war in its native Congo. Bokondji remained in Kinshasa through the war, and when it died down, the [...]

  • helen wrote a new blog post: Primate love.   2 days, 8 hours ago · View


    This seems like just another one of those “I’m a hairy guy from the West” ads, but then you get to that last part and it’s all, “Ooooh my.”

    Gorilla from America. A big, strong, hairy beast seeks female keeper who likes to eat bananas.


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