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  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Yogurt Spring Rolls   4 hours, 12 minutes ago · View

    ThumbnailMake and share these light and airy spring rolls for your next nihonshu tasting. Served with mentsuyu (noodle dipping sauce), the mild flavors will bring out the best in your ginjo sake. Start to finish : 30 min Servings: 4 rolls 1 serving cooked and chilled soba noodles 4 small sheets rice paper (or 2 large sheets) 1 bunch mizuna (Japanese greens) 150ml (2/3 cup) Greek [...]

  • intern1 wrote a new blog post: Sunday 27   4 hours, 13 minutes ago · View

    FORUMS & EXPOS Love your pet? Join Interpets and learn how to have a healthy and happy life with your pets

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Sake Confidential   1 day, 3 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailJohn Gauntner is undoubtedly the world’s leading non-Japanese expert and educator on sake, or what they call in Japan— nihonshu. His newest book, Sake Confidential: A Beyond-the-Basics Guide to Understanding, Tasting, Selection & Enjoyment , is aimed at both the novice and aficionado. While Gauntner has been penning books on sake since 2000, this one offers a unique look [...]

  • intern1 wrote a new blog post: Saturday 26   1 day, 4 hours ago · View

    CONCERTS Let Marlene, the jazz-diva from the Philippines blow you away with her soulful music at Motion Blue in Yokohama

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Summer Style   1 day, 12 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailFestival and fireworks season is upon us, bringing with it the rare opportunity to wear the humidity-friendly yukata (light summer kimono). As befitting any fashion staple, there are a wealth of interpretations by big labels and edgy outsiders alike. Serious fashion aficionados can look to the likes of Mint Designs and Anrealage for limited collections currently on sale at [...]

  • Julanka wrote a new blog post: July 25, 2014   1 day, 16 hours ago · View


    Nebuta float at Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, by David M. Weber

  • Jeff W. Richards wrote a new blog post: Metropolis Twenty   1 day, 17 hours ago · View

    We’re celebrating twenty years of Metropolis (and Tokyo Classified , of course) by having our coming-of-age event at every partygoer’s favorite club—Womb. Join us and friends Tokyo Dreamgirl , house music violinist Paul Florea , DJ Maritizio , Watapachi, Discyu and special guest EMI Japan recording artist Che’Nelle as we show off a new look magazine and prepare for [...]

  • helen wrote a new blog post: Bon Odori Dance   1 day, 21 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail If you’re looking for the kind of festival that you can really jump into and experience without required dance lessons and matching yukata, then keep an eye out for local Bon festivals. These are found in many small neighborhoods as well as at major shrine and temple grounds around Japan. The small neighborhood festivals are often run [...]

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Kaiju Sakaba   2 days, 3 hours ago · View


    One recent sultry evening, we lumbered in to Kaiju Sakaba in Kawasaki for a taste of some monster-inspired grub. This limited edition izakaya (it closes March 2015) is themed after the kaiju (strange beasts) from the 1960s Japanese television series Ultraman. Upon entry, we were advised that no superheroes or members of the Science Special Search Party [...]

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Go Go Godzilla   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail For many Westerners of the baby-boom generation, their first exposure to Japanese pop culture was through television and occasionally in theaters, when Japanese science-fiction and fantasy movies were imported, edited and dubbed in English by U.S. distributors. While watching Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Gamera, King Ghidorah and other monsters wreak havoc on Japanese cities, kids growing [...]

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Z: Hate Naki Kibo   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail“There have been a lot of Japanese zombie movies, but they have all been comedies or parodies,” director Norio Tsuruta tells Metropolis. “I wanted to make Japan’s first proper zombie film.” That’s a tall order, but Tsuruta was the right person for the job, having cut his teeth on the TV series Scary True Stories and installments of the Ring [...]

  • intern1 wrote a new blog post: Friday 25   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    CLUBBING Join rest of the Rhythmholic party lovers of Tokyo at Womb in Shibuya

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Nanpu   2 days, 4 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail Sweet coming-of-age films from Japan tend to be saccharine and unbearable, but this Taiwanese-Japanese co-production strikes a nice balance. Shot primarily in the former nation, this bicycle road trip movie offers idyllic scenery, a charming, leisurely pace and enough realism to be convincing (which is rare in this genre). One could quibble with some of [...]

  • michiko wrote a new blog post: Father as a verb.   2 days, 7 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail Throwback Thursday again. Shocking! I only knew the other meaning of father. I hope you enjoy it! ~Holy offering to father children.~ I will father your child. Fertility trouble? Can’t find the right man? Tall, handsome, intelligent white man will father your child. No further contact required. Email for further details. Baby88 1)Good rhythm 2)Sense of humor 3)Nice [...]

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    Welcome to Arthur Murray Real Estate! We are a full service Real Estate brokerage company located in Loxahatchee Groves Real Estate Western Palm Beach County, Florida. We specialize in the Loxahatchee and Wellington communities.

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  • Jeff W. Richards wrote a new blog post: Hether Fortune   2 days, 11 hours ago · View

    Thumbnail Hether Fortune is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, rock star, dominatrix, journalist, and twitter provocateur. A veteran of the California rock scene, she’s been a member of numerous bands including Bare Wires, Blasted Canyons and Wax Idols. Fortune played every instrument on Wax Idols’ 2013 release Discipline and Desire . Late last year she joined up with her good [...]

  • Michael Kanert wrote a new blog post: Land of the Lost   3 days, 3 hours ago · View


    A crunchy, golden nugget of crispy chicken glistens on a shelf, its fried goodness ready for the taking. You eye it for a while, tears pooling in the corners of your eyes, as the full weight of what you could be leaving behind suddenly hits you in the stomach. How am I supposed to leave this ? [...]

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