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    ThumbnailEatalk strives to incorporate the social aspect of dining by offering weekly lunchtime cooking classes with professional chefs for groups of interested and interesting guests. In honor of Restaurant Day , the organization has teamed up with Ikiiki-kan and Acoico to serve up some of Toyama prefecture’s regional specialties. Demonstrations will teach participants how to make kombu jime [...]

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    ThumbnailDitching the streets and heading inside a nice, cool arcade is one of way of chilling that as old as the ‘80s—it’s also an easy way to gamble and lose your cold, hard cash. Try these tips for taking top prize at UFO Catcher. 1. A UFO Catcher prize is worth only as much as you [...]

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    ThumbnailTake your talents out the closet. Absolutely fabulous Tatianna is now hosting a monthly drag variety show at The Pink Cow in Roppongi . Tatianna takes brave men and women and turns them into glamorous Gloria Gaynors. The Tokyo Closet Ball is a beauty pageant-style competition that allows the newly emerged butterflies to show off their charisma and talent, [...]

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    ThumbnailTurn over a new leaf with the heavyweight champion in the real salad ring. Vegetable-oriented Happy Salada restaurant in Akasaka delivers garden-sized meals right to your office or home. Their mouth-watering Super Healthy & Massive (S ¥540 L ¥760), Ultimate Turkey Sandwich (¥840) and Protein Muscle Maker (S ¥800 L ¥990) have recently thrust themselves into [...]

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    ThumbnailSayama, on the Musashino Plateau, may not be the most famous of the tea growing regions, but leaves grown there have been found to contain a higher level of antioxidants compared with other “tea-rrific” areas. Perhaps it’s due to the characteristically thick leaves needed to withstand the frosty winters, but Sayama tea is also known for [...]

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    ThumbnailStart practicing those arpeggios—your time in the spotlight may have arrived. Illustrious Italian theater company Teatro Alla Scala is presenting a series of operas and ballets this fall in collaboration with the Japan Performing Arts Foundation, including Falstaff, Rigoletto and Romeo and Juliet. Diva wannabes and aspiring actors can apply to be an extra in Rigoletto [...]

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    ThumbnailYokohama’s “Beer-muda Triangle”—an area roughly encompassing Yokohama, Bashamichi and Kannai stations—is filled with craft brew pubs and bars such as Yokohama Brewing, Bashamichi Tap Room, Bay Brewing and the quintessential heavy metal craft beer bar, Thrash Zone (to name just a few). All have helped place the city at the nexus of Japan’s indie beer map. [...]

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    ThumbnailGet your fix of champagne wishes and caviar dreams this summer at the swanky Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. Situated atop a picturesque hill in Edogawabashi, the former Four Seasons property is offering a special rooftop bar and beer garden with an effervescent twist: a Champagne Garden on their large patio with views of both the Shinjuku and Ikebukuro [...]

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    ThumbnailAudio enthusiasts and hipsters alike will be pleased to know that Meze wooden headphones and ear buds are now available on this island nation. These luxurious audio boosters are made with ebony wood rather than the typical plastic, creating a more solid resonance and clearer sound. Though the price tag may put some people off, audio snobs [...]

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    ThumbnailAn addition to the roster of French chefs already practicing their craft here in the metropolis has arrived in the form of Nicolas Boujéma, new Chef de Cuisine at Signature in Nihonbashi’s Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. At almost two meters tall, the 32-year-old Boujéma maintains a boyish look. He says he rides his bicycle to work, and [...]

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    ThumbnailWhat drinks cool you down in the summer heat? 1 Mugi-cha 2 Any kind of carbonated drink 3 Beer or any other kind of alcoholic drink 4 Ice coffee or ice tea 5 Chilled water 6 Ramune 7 Any kind of frozen drink 8 Sports drink 9 Shake 10 Juice or lemonade Based on responses by 15,906 people between Jun 10-24, 2013. Source: Goo Ranking [...]

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  • daviatrix wrote a new blog post: 3   1 year, 1 month ago · View

  • daviatrix wrote a new blog post: Beer Diamond   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    ThumbnailFancy a cheap brew while watching the game, but over the whole buy-a-conbini-beer-and-watch-it-online deal? Escape your air-conditioned cocoon for one night and enjoy a real baseball-meets-beer experience at Yakult Swallows ¥350 Draft Beer Night . Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo are all on tap for just ¥350 a cup, and other alcoholic drinks and some snacks are discounted too. [...]

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    ThumbnailENTER THE TWITTERVERSE A nursing student in Gifu was criticized for tweeting in-class photos of human organs along with a message that read, “We have a colon from a hospital patient.” It was reported that prior to last month’s Upper House elections, 29 Twitter users set up accounts in which they posed as leaders of major political parties. [...]

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    ThumbnailArtists around the globe can fire in their applications for the 2014 Japan Media Arts Festival . Winners will have their works up on the walls at The National Art Center in Tokyo in February 2014. The festival will feature about 120 award-winning works in the categories of art, entertainment, animation and manga. Wield your brush, pen, Wacom [...]

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    Thumbnail Credit: Courtesy of Spruth Magers Berlin London Caption: Pyongyang (2007) © Andreas Gursky / Jaspar 2013 German lensman Andreas Gursky has the dubious honor of holding the record for the most expensive photograph ever sold ($4.3 million). Find out why he is held in such esteem by collectors at his first large-scale exhibition in Japan. Gursky is [...]

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    ThumbnailShin-Yokohama Raumen Museum may have opened in 1994 but that doesn’t mean they don’t keep up with the times. Some of the nine ramen shops within its noodley grounds have recently added items specifically for their more particular overseas visitors—especially the South Asian visitors currently flocking in to spend the cheaper yen. Veggie or non-pork/alcohol dishes are [...]

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    ThumbnailIs it a boat? Is it a bus? No, it’s Sky Duck! The only amphibious tour of Tokyo (we think) on its main route boards at the Tokyo Sky Tree before bussing off to the shitamachi neighborhood of Kameido—famed for Showa-period shopping arcades and buildings. Then comes the exciting bit. The quackmobile transforms into a boat [...]

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