Crucially necessary
Sep 21, 2012 | Issue: 964 | 2 Comments | 3,210 views

Courtesy of Takara Tomy Arts

In the tradition of useless inventions from these shores, the SmartHan (¥840; onigiri maker and eating device allows you to do something you have never managed before. Eat a rice ball on the go. Though perhaps the main purpose is to avoid your average salaryman or OL having to get their hands dirty while preparing the classic 8am-in-the-office pick-me-up. These long-awaited, crucially necessary plastic devices, reminiscent of some kind of sado-masochistic plunging device, come in slender orange for women and meaty blue for men. As they say in the ad, “Rice one!”



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  • metroguilhem

    I need one like that…

  • Ashley Haley

    This….this is something.

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