Making a Meal of 2011
It’s been a good year for restaurant reviews...
Dec 15, 2011 | Issue: 925 | One Comment | 6,586 views

…with Metropolis hitting spots all over the city and chowing down on diverse foods from obscure chicken parts to designer soba, from basashi to veggie sushi, and platefuls more. Eat your way through this chronological roundup.

Chez Olivier

Exquisite French with a personal touch in Ichigaya.


Pig out at Shin-Okubo’s twin pork palaces

The Chef’s Table

Enjoy your own private dining room in Azabu-Juban


Nicely done tapas on the cheap in Yoyogi-Uehara


Heaping helpings of turducken in Aoyama

Café Noise

Ikebukuro’s hip new venue is quieter than you might expect


Harajuku gets a taste of colonial cooking

Vegetable Sushi Potager

Who says you need fish to make sushi?

Le Sample

Ebisu gets a taste of musically inspired French fare

Bama Lohas Café

Ginza buzzes with a restaurant specializing in hemp cuisine

Kowloon Shinjuku

Sultry Chinese eatery in the Sanchome backstreets

Enraku Mitaka Sou

Simple but thoughtful cooking at this intimate washoku gem


Brush up on avian anatomy at this specialist yakitori joint

Reims Yanagidate

Elegant French dining in a quiet corner of Aoyama

Yutoku Soba

Architectural style and soba with substance

Gekko Self Grill Paradise

Fresh air and grilled food on the banks of the Tamagawa

La Gallina

Gastronomica Italiana in Ogikubo


A century-old Morishita eatery is big on baniku


Take healthy eating to the extreme at this kampo restaurant


Go for a taste of the jungle in Noge

Az Finom

Traditional Hungarian cuisine gets a makeover


Enjoy the last of the summer wine in the backyard of this Yutenji eatery

Ivanramen Plus

NY chef uses his noodle inventively

Blindfold Banquet

Kurayami Shokudo offers you a pitch-dark dining experience


Sinfully good pizza and an ever-changing list of microbrews


A Turkish delight in Asagaya



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  • tonysmyth

    ‘Metropolis hitting spots all over the city’ -not true, you do the centre and west of the city and have for years, but almost never the north and east. Some of us live over that side you know. In 2012??

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