SHARI: Rock ‘n’ Sushi Roll
In the heart of Ginza, a new sensation has been born
May 6, 2011 | No Comments | 6,003 views

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One of precious few sushi roll restaurants in Japan, Novarese Inc. takes the international invention and runs with it, reapplying it to modern Japanese tastes and bringing it back to the land where sushi started. The restaurant, SHARI the Tokyo Sushi Bar, takes its tradition very seriously nontheless, maintaining the classic counter style of traditional sushi restaurants—behind which the chef can be seen preparing his delicacies.

Ginza’s Namiki Dori has been specially chosen as the location of SHARI’s first Japanese branch. This is to be their flagship restaurant, the starting point for expansion throughout Asia. SHARI already has a presence in Shanghai, bringing their special brand of contemporary sushi to a wide and discerning audience. Ginza’s itamae (chef), Koji Hirose, sharpened his technique in the kitchens of some of Japan’s most famous restaurants.
He personally selects the sea-fresh ingredients, that make the foundation of his creative dishes, from Tsukiji Market.

The restaurant tends to fill with a mixture of professional gaijin and Japanese businesspeople, plus the usual after-work folk and social nomikai. The dedicated event space accommodates 120 people for a buffet, or 70 for a seated party. The décor, attuned to the Japanese taste for natural materials with its design in wood and stone, appeals to both Japanese and international diners in equal measure. Its modern, stylish ambiance is appreciated by sophisticated people from all backgrounds.

SHARI’s famous sushi rolls are offered with a wide variety of original, carefully selected toppings. The itamae’s favored ingredients include avocado, mango, fresh raw seafood, grilled conger eel and more. Vegetarians can rest assured, with a wide variety of options to appeal to the non-carnivorous among us. Sushi rolls might be the specialty, but there are also plenty of other Japanese dishes to suit any palate.

An English menu and English-speaking staff are available to ensure non-Japanese speakers can make the most of their rolling experience. Look out for the lunch menu—a filling introduction to SHARI’s delights, starting from just ¥1,000.

8F Albore Ginza Bldg, 2-4-18 Ginza. Tel: 03-5524-8788. Open daily 11:30am-3pm (LO 2pm); Mon-Wed & Sat 5:30-11:30pm (food LO 10:30pm; drinks LO 11pm), Thu-Fri 5:30pm-midnight (food LO 10:30pm; drinks LO 11:30pm), closed Sun dinner and every third Mon. Nearest stn: Ginza-itchome or Yurakucho.



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