Halloween Glitterball at Ele Tokyo

The Metropolis Halloween Glitterball is back! Time warp with the city’s freakiest cyber-spooks and mecha-mummies at Ele Tokyo! Win great prizes at the costume contest!

Featuring performances by FEMM and Tokyo Dreamgirl. Ladies free—gentlemen just ¥2,000 with 2 drinks!

Sponsored by

Laurent-Perrier, Lindt, Adidas, ANA InterContinental Tokyo and more!

  • Oct 30 (Thu) 7-11pm
  • Ele Tokyo
  • 1F & B1F Fukao Bldg, 1-4-5 Azabu Juban Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Ladies free, gentlemen ¥2,000 w/2d (to 10pm; ¥3,000 w/2d after 10pm)
  • ¥500 drinks menu available
  • Costume contest & prizes
  • Tel: 03-5572-7535
  • Nearest Stn: Azabu Juban
  • Get more information and tickets at the Metropolis Halloween Glitterball site
VIP seats: ¥33,000 (includes 2 bottles champagne)
–> Due to limited availability, please contact the venue for details.

Stay on after 11pm to join Ele Tokyo’s all-night bash free of charge! Note: After 10pm, entry changes to ¥3,000 w/2d for men. Still free for women. Price includes entry to both the Glitterball and the Ele Tokyo party.




  • 怖いサイバーお化け達やミイラと一緒に、私達のFUTUROPOLISパーティーでタイムワープしましょう!!
  • ベスト仮装大賞を受賞された方には素敵な景品が当たります。


  • クールなFEMM、キュートなTokyo Dreamgirl ♡、センセーショナルなDJ Daftyが来場します!!


  • 2014年10月30日 木曜日
  • 19時~23時
  • 23時以降もEle Tokyoで朝まで一緒に盛り上がりましょう!


  • Ele Tokyo


男性 2,000円 2杯ドリンク付
500円 ドリンクメニュー

VIP席 33,000円(ボトル2本付き)


Ele Tokyo
Tel: 03-5572-7535


  • 会場入り口ドア、又は下記リンクよりご購入できます。
  • オンラインよりチケット購入された方には、入り口ドアでリンツチョコレートとドミノピザ1,000円割引券2枚を差し上げます。
  • https://www.wazoo.jp/en/open/halloween2014/
  • 料金にはぐリッターボールとEle Tokyoパーティーの両方の入場料が含まれます。


Sponsored by:

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September Getsumatsu @ Sporcaccione

Every month Metropolis holds an end-of-month celebration at various venues across the city. It’s a great way to mingle and connect with other foreigners in the area and also chat with the editors and staff at Metropolis. Maybe you have an awesome idea for the magazine? Come along and have a chat over a few drinks!

This month’s Metropolis Getsumatsu will be held in Nakameguro at Sporcaccione. Enjoy real italian food served by a Japanese chef with a Neapolitan mind. Ingredients are carefully selected by the owner-chef, and the carbonara pasta—approved by AC Milan—is a must-try! As always, there’s no entry fee and drinks are ¥500. Raise a glass of wine with great food to end the summer with the Metropolis family!

  • When: Sep 26 (Fri) 7-11pm
  • Where: Sporcaccione
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • Address: 1-8-29 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-6416-1123
  • Nearest Stn: Nakameguro
  • URL: https://sumamoba.com/sporcaccione


  • 9月26日(金)19時−23時
  • スプルカチョーネ
  • 入場料無料、ドリンク500円
  • 住所:東京都目黒区上目黒1-8-29
  • Tel: 03-6416-1123
  • 最寄り駅:中目黒
  • URL: https://sumamoba.com/sporcaccione

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This month, we invite you to savor the smooth taste of Akita Prefecture at Tokyo’s first venue specializing in the region’s famous junmaishu and grilled chicken—Akita Pure Rice Sake Bar. The shop, located inside Abeya in Tokyo station’s Yaesu exit, also specializes in yakitori and other grilled dishes using top-quality Hinai Jidori, chickens crossbred from Akita’s famed Hinai chicken—a protected breed recognized as a natural living monument of Japan. Join us for a unique and tasty event as we sip and skewer our way through bounty from Honshu’s northern region.

The venue is just a 2-minute walk from the Tokyo station Yaesu 北口 (kitaguchi, north exit). This video will show how to get there.


  • Thu, Aug 28, 7-11pm
  • Akita Pure Rice Sake Bar
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • 2F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (in Kitamachi Dining)
  • Tel: 03-6256-0518
  • Nearest station: Tokyo
  • http://r.gnavi.co.jp/1f3dcrkg0000/



  • 8月28日木曜日 7-11pm
  • 秋田純米酒処
  • 千代田区丸の内1-9-1 2F
  • 入場料無料、ドリンク500円から
  • Tel: 03-6256-0518
  • 最寄り駅:東京駅
  • http://r.gnavi.co.jp/1f3dcrkg0000/


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We’re celebrating twenty years of Metropolis (and Tokyo Classified, of course) by having our coming-of-age event at every partygoer’s favorite club—Womb. Join us and friends Tokyo Dreamgirl, house music violinist Paul Florea, DJ Maritizio, WATAPACHI, DISCYU and special guest EMI Japan recording artist Che’Nelle as we show off a new look magazine and prepare for adulthood.

  • Fri, Aug 1, 6-10pm
  • Womb
  • 1F 2-16 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • ¥3,500 (adv)/¥4,500 (door)/¥15,000 (groups of 5)
  • info@metropolis.co.jp
  • Tel: 03-4588-2277
  • Nearest station: Shibuya
  • Get more information and tickets at the Metropolis Twenty site.

メトロポリス(Tokyo Classifiedを含む)が20周年を迎えます。メトロポリスも二十歳を迎えるので皆の大好きなWombで盛り上がりましょう!成人を迎えるメトロポリスを祝うために、Tokyo Dreamgirl,ヴァイオリニストのPaul Florea、DJのMaritizio, DISCYU,そしてEMI Japan からのスペシャルゲストとしてChe’Nelleが登場しますので一緒に楽しい一夜を過ごしましょう。

  • 8月01日金曜日 18時から遅くまで
  • Womb
  • 東京都渋谷区円山町2-16 1F
  • 3500円から
  • Tel: 03-4588-2277
  • 最寄り駅:渋谷駅
  • Metropolis Twenty


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If it’s fresh tuna you want—you got it!—at our June getsumatsu as we head to Aoyama’s renowned Yakitori & Sushi Hanagakoi. Just a few minutes’ walk from Omotesando station, this venerable izakaya will be serving up chargrilled chicken skewers and fresh sushi. On top of that, the master chef and his assistant will treat partygoers to a maguro no kaitai show—the rare demonstration of the slicing up of a whole tuna!  This is a spectacle of Japanese filleting that involves two people and a long blade reminiscent of a logger’s saw to carve the giant fish from tip to tail. This will be some of the freshest maguro sashimi you’ve ever had folks—quite literally straight from the heart!

So come join us, this time in Aoyama. As usual, it’s free entry and drinks are only ¥500. If you’ve not seen a kaitai show before, now’s your chance to do it away from the mad crowds of Tsukiji Market or Yokohama Ichiba.

  • Fri, Jun 27, 7-11pm
  • Hanagakoi
  • B1F Diamond Bldg., 1-1-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • Tel: 03-3498-3228
  • Nearest station: Omotesando



  • 6月27日金曜日 19時から遅くまで
  • Hanagakoi
  • 渋谷区1-1-8渋谷ダイヤモンドビルB1F
  • 無料、ドリンク500円から
  • Tel: 03-3498-3228
  • 最寄り駅:表参道駅


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For our May getsumatsu event, Metropolis is heading down Nishi-Azabu way to one of the city’s newest clubs, One Oak Bar. Just a short walk from Nishi-Azabu crossing, this inviting third floor space is setting out to be famous for its renowned live DJs, hot selection of international hits and world music plus delicious cocktails made by bartenders that—wait for it—perform blazing fire shows. You heard that right: alcohol and fire combined. So while the mixologists are performing their routines, why not ask them to whip up a Flaming Lamborghini, Bailey’s Comet or Back Draft. Anyone…? And where there’s fire, there’s smoke, so if hookah pipes are your thing One Oak will be providing plenty of free sheesha for those who partake.

As usual, entry is absolutely free and ¥500 one-coin drinks will be in effect.

With this type of atmosphere and plenty of friends, if you’re not set ablaze at the bar, you’re sure to have a scorching time burning down the house on the dance floor—just make sure you know where the fire exits are.

  • Fri, May 30, 7-11pm
  • One Oak Bar
  • 2F, 4-2-2 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • Tel: 03-6434-1479
  • Nearest station: Roppongi or Hiroo

5月のメトロポリス月末パーティーは西麻布に新しく出来た「One Oak Bar」にて開催されます。西麻布交差点からすぐのビルの3階。あなたを招き入れるような雰囲気のお店は、DJのパフォーマンス、選曲、そしてバーテンダーによるサービス(炎が燃えるショー!?)などで有名です。そうですよ、アルコールと炎のコンビネーションです。そして何と、愛煙家のあなたならこちらの One Oak Bar にてシーシャも楽しめちゃいます。



  • 5月30日金曜日 19時から遅くまで
  • One Oak Bar
  • 港区東京都西麻布4丁目-2-2ユニマットビル
  • 無料、ドリンク500円から
  • Tel: 03-6434-1479
  • 最寄り駅:六本木駅 または広尾駅

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Low & Slow BBQ Night

We are ushering in the warmer days of spring at our Metropolis April Getsumatsu party with some grilled-up grits at new Shibuya BBQ joint B & Loin. Come down and join us for some succulent steak, beefy burgers, braised brisket, pulled pork and more—all cooked low and slow and seasoned with B & Loins signature dry rubs in a true American “smoked” style.

There’s also bottles of cold Brooklyn Lager available and Japanese craft beer on tap, so you can have a brew in hand as you tend the ‘que and debate the merits of mesquite versus hickory or briquettes versus mokutan.

Of course, this is a Metropolis getsumatsu party—so as always, partners, that means free entry, ¥500 drinks and prize giveaways from our sponsors.

What better way to welcome the outdoor weather than to fire up the grill!

  • Fri, April 25, 7-11pm
  • B & Loin American BBQ
  • 1F Dogenzaka Pia, 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • Tel: 03-3461-1475
  • Nearest station: Shibuya





  • 4月25日金曜日 19時から遅くまで
  • B & Loin American BBQ
  • 東京都渋谷区道玄坂 1-22-7 道玄坂ピア1階
  • 無料、ドリンク500円から
  • 03-3461-1475
  • 最寄り駅:渋谷駅

Here’s a video from our March getsumatsu at P.C.M.:

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Gordon’s Spring Party

Get yourself primed for peak hanami season at our end-of-the-month Metropolis March getsumatsu party at the always popular Pub Cardinal Marunouchi near Tokyo station. Our free Friday night event with cheap ¥500 drinks is a sure fire way to get the army of cherry blossom samurai psyched for what is already being forecast as the foremost weekend for sipping suds amongst the sakura.

  • Fri, March 28, 7pm ’til late
  • Pub Cardinal Marunouchi
  • TOKIA 1F Tokyo Bldg. 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
  • Free entry, ¥500 drinks
  • Tel: 03-5222-1251
  • Nearest station: Tokyo


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Metropolis will be shaking off some this late-season cold at a special February Getsumatsu tie-up with the relaunch party for dance club Color Tokyo in Roppongi this Friday, February 28 from 8-10pm—though the party itself will shake until the wee hours.

Featuring Russian house music producers and DJs Swanky Tunes manning the decks along with legendary Tokyo mixmaster Minoru Ujita and more, the event promises to rev up your engine and get you ready for some March madness.

Fellas can get entrance to the exclusive Color Reborn event for just ¥1,500 (one drink included, regularly ¥3,500) by simply joining our Metropolis February Getsumatsu event on Facebook clicking that you’re “Going.”

Ladies get in absolutely free (and receive a free welcome drink, too) by downloading the Color Tokyo app for iOS or Android and registering their attendance.

  • Fri Feb 28
  • ColoR Tokyo, EX Keyakizaka Bldg., 1F 5-10-25 Roppongi, Minato-ku
  • Men ¥1,500 (1 drink); ladies free (1 drink w/registration)
  • Tel: 03-6447-2002
  • Nearest stn: Roppongi
  • View Color Tokyo in a larger map

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    Video Highlights

    You would have been forgiven for thing last February 14 was White Day with all the snow on Tokyo’s streets, but our Cupidism! party went off without a hitch on Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below—and we’ll see you at our next big Metropolis event. Stay tuned!


    Come play hearts (or break some) at Cupidism, the Metropolis Valentine’s Day party

    Fall in love with sexy Tokyo Dream Girl, our special guest, Sony recording artist Aisha and a special appearance by gravure idols Bon Kyu Bon as we get frisky at Pasela Resorts Grande Shibuya with all of our sweethearts—on the dance floor and off. Playing cupid as he spins until the wee hours will be Tokyo’s premier DJ: Dwayne Wayne.

    Plus, enter the “Love Rocket” raffle for your chance to win the use of a new BMW Z4 for three days!

    We’ll also be giving away a voucher to one lucky couple for one night’s stay in a Grand Room—complete with breakfast—at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi.

    Sip on fine champagne from Laurent-Perrier while luxuriating with exquisite chocolates from Swiss chocolatier Lindt. Also prizes and giveaways from adidas, Zwiesel glassware, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, restaurant 148@Azabujyuban, Revlon, Club 360 fitness, Watanabe beauty therapy, Elana Jade and Kamata Hakensha.

    Six Five exclusive VIP tables are available!
    To register one for your group, send an email to info@metropolis.co.jp, but hurry—they’ll go fast!.

    Friday, February 14 at Pasela Resorts Grande Shibuya. 11:30pm-5am. ¥2,500 (includes one drink).
    VIP tables available!


    今回のスペシャルゲストは「Tokyo Dreamgirl」とレコーディング会社ソニーの歌手、Aisha! さらにDJ Dwayne Wayneがキューピッドの代わりに音楽で会場を盛り上げます!パセラリゾーツ渋谷グランデにて皆でワイワイ盛り上がりましょう!

    そしてなんと、今回のスペシャル「ラブ・ロケット」抽選会の商品は新しいBMW Z4を3日間試乗のチャンスが当たります!



    • 2月14日(金)、23:30-05:00
    • パセラリゾーツ渋谷グランデ。渋谷区宇田川町20-15ヒューマックスパビリオン渋谷公園通りB1・2F
    • ¥2,500
    • Dwayne Wayne
    • Tokyo Dreamgirl
    • Aisha
    • Tel:0120-926-428
    • 最寄り駅:渋谷駅

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