May 12, 2011
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May 12, 2011 | Issue: 894 | One Comment | 1,974 views

Phil Couzens


Regarding “Apathy Meltdown” (The Last Word, Apr 29): Uh, it’s been 20 years since the bubble, not 30 (and therefore two decades, not three). And, “a corrupt elite and a materially satiated public”? Cliché much?


First of all, I’d like to thank you for publishing the daily radiation levels in Tokyo. As you can tell, there are many of us are concerned and now rely on this information via your online link. I did notice one thing though; I noticed that your readings were the same as this one guy who started posting his radiation readings on his Facebook site ( I’ve noticed that your two figures and readings are both identical, and from the same location within Tokyo. Can you please advise how you are getting your radiation readings?—Chad


Is there a site that monitors seaweed and fish? We’re returning to Saitama with small children, and we fear eating at Sushiro. How can we live in Japan without seafood? Kentucky Fried Chicken? Thank you.
—Ben in Budapest


Animal rescue volunteers in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami effected areas continue to be very concerned about the animals that we know remain in the 20 kilometer exclusion zone. This area has now been officially sealed by the Japanese government, leaving thousands of pets inside without care. We are asking that people contact the Japanese government, urging them to allow rescue groups to help. These animals have now gone over a week without people coming in to feed them.

Animals left alone in the 20 kilometer exclusion zone in Japan need your help now. We are asking people to send a comment to this government link:

Please remind the government that the pets in the 20 kilometer zone are loved and wanted. They should not stay there to starve, nor should they be removed to go to animal control facilities. Many guardians cannot get back to the area to retrieve their pets. Please let animal rescue groups back into the zone now, to be part of the process of getting animals to safety. You might also write your nearest Japanese embassy with the above request.
—Susan Roberts, JEARS Ground Team


Hi Metropolis! Is movie reviewer, cyclist & earth roamer Don Morton on Twitter?

(@AussieinJapan: Not at this time. He thinks it’s hard enough to pack all his wisdom into just 600 characters. —Eds)


The angle of death swooped and dived,
Casting her net far and wide.
Death and destruction were all about,
As the shadowy valley turned to night.
Yet, through that valley, onward I strode,
Skipping over the death that lay on that muddy road.
And I found a place of peace and rest,
Waiting on the other side.
—Bernnie Mum



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  • outlawhorse

    The angle of death? Really?