May 20, 2010
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Sahel Rosa

Regarding “True to Life” (Feature, May 7): What a beautiful and intelligent young woman. I hope she breaks down some stereotypes of people from the Middle East that many in Japan—and other countries—have. I hope she steers away from the Japanese tarento scene, though—she seems way too interesting compared to them!—BurakuminDes

Open your eyes. Do you think she would make it if her face got scarred by bomb explosions or if she were fat? There is no doubt that she’s strong and clever, but don’t you think her looks contribute greatly to her fame? Especially here in Japan, where girls have to be cute and pretty to become successful artists. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but don’t deny the truth and stop being a hypocrite.

How does a guy throw out onto the street a little girl who lost ten siblings and both parents in an air raid? How does that guy live with himself? What a scumbag. The girl herself is an inspiration, not to mention a total babe.—MistWizard

Fatal Figures

Regarding “Nanjing’s Puzzling Math” (The Last Word, April 30): I don’t know about everyone else, but even 20,000 slaughtered innocent people is a pretty horrific number. Bottom line: Japan, own up to your past and move on like Germany has done. Or keep this fire of anger alive forever. Your choice.

Japan killed, raped, murdered and abused much of Asia during the war. They killed prisoners and broke nearly every global standard of treatment for captives. Japan pressed her own people into a suicidal and unwinnable war that was lost the first day a shot was fired. It never had any hope of winning based on economic capacity alone. And the leaders were clearly a bunch of rightwing morons pumped full of ill-founded bravado that nearly wiped the entire nation off the map.

So just admit it, swallow this difficult fact, and move on already. If you teach your kids the truth, maybe you can avoid having Japan try to wipe itself out again in the future. And maybe we will have to listen to less of those uneducated J-rednecks driving around in their black trucks.—tkoind2

Lisa Gay, the degree of outrage about Hiroshima rises in direct proportion to how much one knows about Japan’s actions in that war. Don’t try to blame American policy for Japan’s refusal to apologize. You need to stop relying on the leftist tenet of blaming America first. Then you will be able to write articles that display a depth of intellectual awareness, balance and maturity.—12_year_sensei

Beam me up

Regarding “Star Trek Fandom” (Pop Life, April 30): I wonder if Hikaru Sulu is revered in Japan.—xpompey8

About “Hikaru Sulu”—his name in the Japanese version [of Star Trek] is “Mr. Kato.” Sulu is not a Japanese name, so viewers in Japan would have been totally confused. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the series, got the name from the Sulu Sea in the Philippines. The actor who played Sulu, George Takei, is Japanese-American and recently announced that he is gay.—Noripinhead

I was in the first Star Trek club in Honolulu back in the ’70s. It was a lot of fun—and led by Michael Okuda, who went on to design many of the sets for later series and movies. I only know one other Trekkie here, though, who is about my age (and I’m recovered, in any case).—sk4ek

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