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Courtesy of Good Beer Faucets

Regarding “Good Beer Faucets”: Ha, you can drink what you want and how you want it, but brewers prefer for their beers to be served at “room” temperature (40-55ºF) depending on the beer. I’m sure the people in charge of this place know that. Good article, but I would have preferred to hear more about the selections and maybe the atmosphere of the bar.—Shay

Hey, thanks for the feedback! (This is the writer). Yup, as I said, beer is often served around 13ºC (55ºF), but this seemed unusually warm. It’s been a while since it opened, and it had a nice vibe, so it’s definitely worth a trip. The menu of beers does change, except for the Baird lineup. Hope this helps.—ames

Strange article, 14ºC IPA? I don’t think so, unless you are a smelly old man in some countryside English pub. “Trendy” American craft probably counts for 0.000001% of beer in Japan, so “trendy” might be a bit of a stretch. I suspect the author is new to the craft beer scene in Japan and probably thinks she knows about beer… but doesn’t.—beerisbest


Regarding “Half-Price Home“: Thank you for the great advice about purchasing a home. This is a great idea if you have some time, determination and patience. One question: where do you find information about obtaining a UFJ loan? Hopefully I will be able to purchase one really soon!—tonysafyc


Regarding “Home Away From Home”: I know another organization that is similar to the Ronald McDonald House. It is called Family House, and was founded in Tokyo around two decades ago with very little budget, when families with severely ill children were desperate with financial and mental problems as mentioned in the article, and there was no organization they could depend on at that time.—kricky

I think the Ronald McDonald Houses in Japan are just a publicity project by McDonald’s (i.e. “do good” to “look good”). Most McDonald’s outlets here in Japan are still not smoke-free. It is common to have “non-smoking sections” that allow the smoke to float over from the smoking area. There is a total disregard for the health of the many kids who go there for their meals. If McDonald’s really cares about the health of children, it should start by making all of its outlets totally smoke-free.—angkookueh


When will Metropolis return to its pre-3/11 weekly publishing schedule? I know content is updated on the website between print issues, but I love the layout of your print issues and two weeks is a long time to wait for your magazine’s excellent coverage in English.—Rich


@MetropolisTokyo Visit my city, Yokohama this weekend: Chinatown will be jumping with Chinese new year festivities—@StarrWulfe

Picked up mag for the first time Friday. Loved the “Building the Future” article. Made me add more places to to-see list.—@GMAlbright

Regarding Wendy’s re-opening: Okay, mildly intrigued by the truffle & porcini grill chicken.—@mayanoko
@mayanoko Mildly “intrigued?” You meant “tempted,” right?
@MetropolisTokyo haha, not so much tempted as morbidly curious.^^—@mayanoko

@MetropolisTokyo Loving the MetVids!!!—so far only Metropolis created videos—or looking for Metropolis fan vids as well? :) —@M85F
@M85F Certainly! Send your vids our way. Contact—Eds



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