Not For the Easily Distracted
By: May Wildman & James Hadfield | Jan 27, 2011 | Issue: 879 | One Comment | 2,325 views

Forget texting while driving: Princeton’s new iPhone 4 holder lets you fire off tweets while you’re riding your bike. Okay, that’s probably not what the company had in mind here—they’re touting their handlebar mount as a way for cyclists to use the iPhone’s navigation system and capture video while on the go. But just think of the other ways you could spice up an otherwise monotonous bike ride: Tetris while coasting down Roppongi Dori! Updating your Facebook status during a relaxing ride through Yoyogi Park! The possibilities are endless. Just, er, try to remember that there are other vehicles on the road.

Princeton PIP-JTK1, ¥3,600. Available at major electronics stores and via



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  • japanflix

    Now, it’s only a matter of time till someone does a face-plant on face-time