Mix up the stately, dignified tradition of British fashion with the eclectic, cutting-edge vogue of Tokyo, and you are talking about some seriously special items of clothing. That’s the concept that drove the braniacs behind kids’ clothing line Cody Coby, when they launched it back in 2005. The philosophy is creativity in your kids’ wardrobes—with quality togs that keep them comfortable and warm, while allowing them to lead their young lives with a stylish splash of fun.

As Cody Coby works closely with the factory that produces the garments, offers a variety of standout print designs, and a wide range of vibrant base colors. The designers are often plowing new furrows, such as family-lifestyle themes, so check out what they have and prepare for some pleasant surprises.

The stores are planned to be friendly to both children and parents. The vibe is supposed to be as relaxed as looking in your own wardrobe and deciding what to take out. Staff are also happy to help coordinate different articles so the small folk grow up knowing how to put a good outfit together.

With an international philosophy of design representing a fusion of London and Tokyo, and a long history of working with foreign clientele, Cody Coby is a great solution to wrap up your kids this year.

☛ Various locations around Japan. For info in English call head office, Tel: 03-6303-0590, open Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm.


You might have heard about, or even read, books like The Secret; Think And Grow Rich; Ask And It Is Given; Rich Dad, Poor Dad and others that promise to teach you how to make millions, be happy and manifest all your desires.

These books are very good, but all miss the most important secret key ingredient that makes the information really work, and work fast. That’s why most people who read them do not get results. The fact is that there is a missing key that has been purposely omitted from these books.

For the first time ever, the secrets that were previously exclusive to the privileged elite class are revealed in Your Wish Is Your Command. Now you can use this same knowledge to achieve wealth, power, money, luck, romance, love, and dynamic health.

The regular price for this 14 CD series is ¥14,800, but you don’t have to pay that—not even close. Now you can get started learning all the secrets on the 14 CDs absolutely free.

Order today to receive the 14 CDs absolutely free for a 21-day trial. At the end of 21 days, you can send them all back at no charge (no questions asked). If you like it, you’ll be given the opportunity of purchasing the course at a special discount price. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything.

To order the 14 CD series, just call the number below, or send your name, address, and phone number to the email address. Order right away to take advantage of this opportunity. The offer is only valid until February 28.

☛ Tel: 050-3699-4143. Email:


Pregnancy doesn’t mean fashion has to go out the window. That’s why Virina Maternity Boutique carefully selects stylish maternity items from around the world for the expectant mothers of Tokyo. Most items are all-in-one, and cool enough to wear after birth, too—with breastfeeding access often integrated cleverly into the design.

The gear is imported from international fashion hotspots like New York City and Paris. There are items for all body shapes, and also some non-maternity selections as well. Virina provides clothing selections to match all your casual, formal, and business needs.

At the boutique, spacious fitting rooms are available for your comfort, along with a play space for kids complete with DVDs, a cot and a sofa. So if it’s not your first, your other charges won’t hinder your shopping time.

Virina contributes a portion of profits every month to the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning. Donations go to JOICFP’s White Ribbon Alliance, which promotes safe motherhood around the world. At Virina you can take care of your maternal requirements—and spare a thought for those less fortunate, too.

Check Virina’s website, blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed to find out about seasonal special offers—like the upcoming Mother’s Day promotion, for example. Metropolis readers can also capitalize upon a 10% discount on any purchase.

☛ 3-8-15 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku. Tel: 0120-916-442. Open Mon-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm. Nearest stn: Hiroo.

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Midori’s Stall

As an acerbic accompaniment to your seasonal feast, don’t settle for any old shop-bought pickles. At the United Nations University in Omotesando the weekly Saturday-Sunday farmers’ market has transformed into a more Christmassy affair for the holiday season, and Midori has populated her stall with an array of vinagered goods (¥600-850) to stem the saccharine. As a Tokyo farmer, she knows her onions, and a few nibbles will show her pickling techniques are unparalleled. Burdock, garlic, and onions, sweet and spicy peppers, and more are paired with herb, spice, and the right amount of vinegar. Look out for experimental batches too—new potatoes in a delicate brine, and blackberries in a rich, dark brew have already sold out. Her little packed jars are a feast for the eye as well as for the taste buds, but don’t waste a moment or they will all be gone.

UNU Farmers’ Market, 10am-4pm, every Sat-Sun, closed Dec 23-Jan 12. Nearest stn: Omotesando or Shibuya

Kanjyukuya Orchard

Courtesy of Kanjyukuya Orchard

Kazuto Tameike regularly brings boxes of sunshine to the Roppongi Ark Hills farmers’ market. The packages are full of a wide variety of citrus all grown on his seaside family orchard on the island of Shikoku, where he and his brother represent the fourth generation to do so. At this time of year, visitors to Kanjyukuya’s table at the Saturday-only market will find hana mikan in small, medium and large varieties. You can also pick up jars of unpasteurized honey (¥1,650)—beehives at the orchard ensure a good crop of citrus while providing a nice bonus for sweet-toothed punters. Arrive in January and the table will be groaning with larger fruit like iyokan, harumi, and haruka, whose flavors range from sweet to tart and back again all in one juicy bite. A 3kg gift box (¥2,680) will surely ward off the winter blues and latent sniffles. Their whole juices (¥1,000/500ml) could make a zippy breakfast beverage or tangy mixer for a favorite holiday cocktail.

Roppongi Ark Hills Farmers’ Market, 9am-2pm, every Sat (closed Jan 5). Nearest stn: Tameike Sanno


Courtesy of Fujikura-Shoten

Yoshio Fujikura works his table at the monthly Earth Day Market in Yoyogi Park with an infectious enthusiasm. As his household wares made from wood, bamboo, and rattan catch the sunlight and draw visitors for a closer look, Yoshio happily starts chatting away about the team of skilled craftsmen that create each and every item. Fujikura-Shoten, his family-owned business in Narita town opened in 1948 with its comprehensive selection of esthetically pleasing items perfect for everyday use. Customer favorites include a bamboo grater (from ¥840) that makes short work of your daikon, as well as a 3.3cm-thick cutting board of Aomori cedar (¥2,835-6,615). But the stars of the show are the shinodake, or rattan market baskets (¥4,410-5,775), a perfect companion when foraging dinner fixings or heading out for a picnic. Based on a classic design and made from all-natural materials in a range of sizes, the baskets have an innate flexibility and strength that allows shoppers to wander about town looking trendy while being practical.

Earth Day Farmers’ Market. 10am-4pm, Sun, Dec 16 & Sun, Jan 27. Nearest stn: Harajuku

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Courtesy of adidas

Getting into shape or getting ready for Japan’s hot and humid weather? The new Adidas Climacool Fresh Ride running shoe claims to be one of the lightest trainers on the market and offers patented low-profile foam cushioning under the heel and the forefoot—so whether you’re running the riverside trails or pounding the pavement of the metropolis, your feet and knees will be happy. The minimalist design also uses a breathable ClimaCool upper and special lining that manages to wick heat and sweat away from those precious tootsies to reduce discomfort and improve performance. At least, that’s what the marketing blag says. We just think they’re light, cool and perfect for kicking around town.

Pick them up at Adidas shops across the city (¥10,500).

» Giveaway

We’re giving away one pair of men’s and one pair of women’s Fresh Ride running shoes. Send us your route for the freshest ride or run in the city to with “Fresh Ride” in the subject line. Contest ends Aug 2.

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Courtesy Spec Computer Co., Ltd.

What’s 3.5g in weight, 0.35mm in depth and is fun to pull out at parties? Wrong answer. It’s in fact the Skinny Fit Case (RRP ¥1,980) for everyone’s favorite proprietary-software-using smartphone. Coming in a variety of pastel-type colors, the case is as light as a business card, and provides a non-slip textured grip to keep slippage to a minimum. Its well-designed fit allows complete access to camera lenses, buttons and ports. Though it has no kind of lip or front protection, as a back case for an iPhone 4/4S, it’s pretty nifty. From the same distributor, put one of six elaborate colored Japanese designs on your iPhone with the Sukashi Kataki (RRP ¥2,520), including goldfish, flowers, and other Zen motifs of beauty. This hard case is partly transparent, with the aim of incorporating the Apple design into its own.

Both cases available online from Spec Direct, Rakuten and Amazon, or the new Spec store in Kanda.

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Official compression sportswear partner of the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU), Adidas will be supporting the beefcakes en route to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Their new Techfit line is a multifunctional sports vest worn by professional athletes and now available to armchair warriors in Japan—in various energetic colors and fabrics that aim to improve performance, prevent fatigue and eliminate sweat.

We’re giving away one pair each of men’s and women’s Adidas Techfit compression shorts and top to two people who can tell us what their best move would be at the Krush.19 kickboxing event on June 8.

Just email with “Techfit” in the subject line. The best answers (with M/F and size wanted) will be chosen by the team at noon, June 7.

Techfit is available at Adidas shops across the city (¥4,515-7,980).

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Courtesy of Razer

If you’ve spent any time at all as Systems Alliance Commander Shepard, trying to exterminate a race of nearly unstoppable machines called the Reapers, then you’ll be all over the Mass Effect 3-branded Chimaera 5.1 wireless gaming headset (¥19,000) and heavy duty back-lit Black Widow Ultimate keyboard (¥13,800) for the Xbox 360. Even if you’re not into intergalactic shoot outs, both the headset and keyboard, provided by popular gaming peripherals company Razer, are PC-compatible for less violent activities like Skype or writing emails (boring…). The 5.1 Dolby Surround sound headset gets you a pinpoint drop on enemies as they close in all around you—but it’s also great for crankin’ up the movie soundtrack in your rice paper-walled apato.

Available at major electronic retailers,, and Amazon (headset and keyboard).

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