Oct 1, 2009
By: Chris Betros & Chris Betros | Oct 1, 2009 | One Comment | 2,247 views

Cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Ayako Nishikawa, 38, who is sporting an engagement ring worth ¥2 million, was reported as saying: “My man likes me so much, it’s scary. I had him change his cellphone number after we got engaged, so that no other girls could call him.”… Offers for TV appearances and print interviews have been pouring in for Kuruo Hatoyama, 35, a lookalike for new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. The comedian says it’s the first time in his 17 years in the entertainment business that he has been in demand… Model Marie, 22, has some advice for guys who wish to win her heart: wear an Armani suit and whip out Softbank’s new “Night Effect” cellphone.



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