Black List
By: Metropolis Editors | Mar 25, 2010 | Issue: 835 | No Comments | 1,823 views

One of the surest signs of spring in Tokyo is the sight of newly minted college graduates heading out en masse on their first job hunt. This year, in addition to meishi and resumes, the young hopefuls are arming themselves with a new tool: a list of “black” companies to be avoided at all cost. Known in Japanese as burakku kigyo (ブラック企業), these firms are accused of making new hires work long hours with low pay and no overtime, occasionally forcing them to pull all-nighters. And those are the better ones: according to the rumor-mongers at the notorious 2channel website, some firms are downright fraudulent in their treatment of rookies. Here are some of the allegations:

  1. NOVA (eikaiwa): “King of Bankruptcy”
  2. SMG (software): “Company rules are followed almost like a religion; zero privacy”
  3. 7-Eleven: “Extra intense sales pressure”
  4. Mainichi Communications: “Mainichi last-train”
  5. Sagawa Kyubin (shipping): “Staff are idiots, and the ‘Sagawa dash’ is too intense”
  6. Secom (security): “HELL”
  7. Alps Giken (temp agency): “The demands and challenges facing employees are as high as the Alps”
  8. Nidec Corporation (electric motors manufacturer): “Absolute monarchy of the president”
  9. Forum Engineering (temp agency): “Canceled naitei (preliminary job offer) yet offered new positions to other graduates back in 2008”
  10. Saishunkan (pharmaceutical company): “A.k.a. the gangster pharmacy”

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