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Samurai-speak you’d most like to use in an email

Shane Busato

1. かたじけない (katajikenai): arigatou, thank you
2. 面目ない (menbokunai): hazukashii, embarrassing
3. しばし待たれよ (shibashi matareyo): sukoshi mattekudasai, “please wait a moment”
4. ~でござる (~de gozaru): aru/iru, “is”
5. 参上 (sanjou): to visit a person of higher rank
6. 出陣 (shutsujin): to take the field, kick off (an event, etc)
7. けしからん (keshikaran): to be really pissed off
8. よきにはからえ (yoki ni hakarae): suki ni makaseru, “leave it to your liking”
9. いとおかし (itookashi): totemo omoshiroi, “very interesting”
10. お主 (onushi): anata, “you”

Survey of 1,152 people on Goo Ranking (http://ranking.goo.ne.jp); May 21-24.



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