By: Metropolis Editors | May 11, 2010 | Issue: 842 | No Comments | 2,236 views

Photo by Keigo Moriyama

If you noticed something funky happening at your local McDonald’s recently, you’re not alone: 13 branches of the fast food chain, including shops in Shibuya, Azabu-Juban and Roppongi, underwent a complete overhaul in late April. In collaboration with French designer Phillippe Avanzi, McD’s reworked everything from the signage to the interiors in an effort to provide “an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and comfortable.” The shops were rebranded according to one of five themes: Quality, Edge, Food, Fresh, Extreme. Here are some ideas that, unfortunately, failed to make the grade.

  1. Generic
  2. Abattoir
  3. Belch
  4. Trans Fat
  5. Gut bomb
  6. Coronary
  7. Identikit
  8. AED
  9. Wipe-clean
  10. Abandon hope, all ye vegetarians who enter here



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