By: Metropolis Editors | Nov 12, 2009 | Issue: 816 | No Comments | 1,616 views
Courtesy of Nestle

Courtesy of Nestle

Ah, omiyage. One of the best-loved Japanese customs, where travelers bring back tasty treats for family, landladies, coworkers and the like—treats they usually bought in a panicked rush just before boarding their shinkansen home. Now Nestle has solved these weary wanderers’ problems (while at the same time finding a use for its array of mind-bogglingly odd Kit-Kat flavors). The new “Omiyage Series” includes representative flavors from 30 areas of Japan, tucked inside a package that doubles as a postcard. Try strawberry cheesecake from Yokohama, Tokai aka miso (above) Tokyo shoyu or—our personal favorite—cayenne pepper flavor from Nagano.
Available in small (¥367) and large (¥840) sizes wherever souvenirs are sold



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