By: Metropolis Editors | Apr 1, 2010 | Issue: 836 | No Comments | 1,184 views

Top 10 Regional Dishes that Surprise Other Japanese

  1. Cherry curry (Yamagata)
  2. Sweet ankake (starchy sauce) on somen noodles (Yamagata)
  3. Pear curry (Yamagata)
  4. Miso soup with cucumber (Toyama)
  5. Bread with chikuwa (tube-shaped fish cakes) (Hokkaido)
  6. Ohitashi (boiled spinach) flavored with mayonnaise (Fukushima)
  7. Hard, unripe peaches (Yamanashi)
  8. Takikomi gohan without any added ingredients (Shizuoka)
  9. Okonomiyaki topped with tempura (Tokushima)
  10. Udon topped with natto (Yamagata)

Source: Survey of 1,123 people by Goo (, Feb 22-23



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