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What do you do when you’ve got a crush on a coworker?*


  1. Flash my smile (29.7%): The direct approach is too difficult; a smile is about all I can manage
  2. Ask for help when I don’t understand something (26.3%): Guys like to feel like you’re depending on them
  3. Say “Hi” every morning (25%): It’s natural, and he won’t suspect anything
  4. Ask for advice about work (21%): Men are happy when you go to them for advice
  5. Make small talk (21%): Discussing private things is an easy way to get closer


  1. Help her with work (20.8%): I can show off what a nice guy I am
  2. Make small talk (18.3%): It’s important to create opportunities for conversation
  3. Ask her out for dinner or drinks (17.8%): It’s the best way to show her that I’m interested
  4. Say “Hi” every morning (16.2%): Too much persistence can be a turn-off, so I start off with a “Hello” and light chat
  5. Eat lunch together (12.2%): Sharing a meal is an easy way to take the relationship to the next step

*More than one response allowed

Survey of 528 female and 197 male users of Cobs Online (; July 30-Aug 9



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