Billboard Live

Venue Information
Address: 9-7-4 Akasaka
Address (日本語): 東京都港区赤坂9−7−4
Nearest Station: Roppongi.
Telephone: 03-3405-1133
Upcoming Events at this Venue
Super session.
September 29, 7pm, ¥5,500-7,500.
September 29, 9:30pm, ¥5,500-7,500.
Tel: 03-3405-1133.
Israeli singer-songwriter spans the full palette of his country's musical heritage, from Europe and the Middle-East to Africa.
October 7, 7pm & 9:30pm, ¥4,800-6,800.
The 1st time live performance at Billboard Live.
October 13, 4:30pm, ¥4,000-6,000.
October 13, 7:30pm, ¥4,000-6,000.
Tel: 03-3405-1133.
October 20, 7pm, ¥10,500-12,500.
October 20, 9:30pm, ¥10,500-12,500.
October 21, 7pm, ¥10,500-12,500.
October 21, 9:30pm, ¥10,500-12,500.
Tel: 03-3405-1133.
Big band jazz.
October 30, 7pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
October 30, 9:30pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
October 31, 7pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
October 31, 9:30pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
November 1, 6pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
November 1, 9pm, ¥6,800-8,800.
Tel: 03-3405-1133.
Presented by Rasmus Faber.
November 4, 7pm, ¥6,500-8,500.
November 4, 9:30pm, ¥6,500-8,500.
November 5, 7pm, ¥6,500-8,500.
November 5, 9:30pm, ¥6,500-8,500.
Tel: 03-3405-1133.



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