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Nov 20, 2011 | No Comments | 1,316 views
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An Atom Egoyan (Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter) near-miss that’s nonetheless an intriguing sit, at least until the Hollywood-ish third act. Up to that point, it’s an interesting examination of deception, perception and jealousy. A Toronto woman (Julianne Moore) suspects her admittedly flirty husband (Liam Neeson) of cheating, and hires a call girl (Amanda Seyfried) to ...

May 26, 2011 | No Comments | 1,850 views
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When a pair of teenage half-siblings conceived through the artificial insemination of their married (to each other) mothers using sperm from the same donor seek to meet their birth father, the dynamics in their functional-as-any, upper-middle-class household are shifted. Mother Nic (Annette Bening), a doctor and the alpha female, resents it when the guy (Mark ...

Apr 28, 2011 | No Comments | 1,911 views
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George (an Oscar-nominated Colin Firth in a career best) hasn’t enjoyed much of anything in his life since long-time partner Jim died in a car accident eight months ago, so today he has decided to blow his brains out. But he’s English, so it will have to be done in an orderly manner. He goes ...

Sep 30, 2010 | No Comments | 3,504 views
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Julianne Moore is one the top actresses working today, so if she chooses to appear in a psycho-thriller, it’s likely to be good and scary. (OK, she did Hannibal, but everyone makes mistakes). This is a scary one. I’m talking Silence of the Lambs scary. She plays a forensic psychiatrist who specializes in disproving the ...

Mar 25, 2010 | No Comments | 4,510 views
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