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By: Rob Schwartz | Jun 13, 2012 | Issue: 950 | No Comments | 1,745 views

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This slick work attempts to portray the myriad paths open to contemporary women in Japan. However, the glossy Toho production laced with melodrama and extra-cuteness makes it rather tedious.

The flick is based on a 2006 bestseller by novelist Hideo Okuda and contains five individual stories, of which the film uses four. Yukiko (Karina) works at a high-powered advertising agency and works hard but is unsure of where her relationship with boyfriend Sota (Osamu Nakai) is going. Married Seiko (Kumiko Aso) is facing the choice of whether to have children. Single Yoko (Michiko Kichise) toils at a stationery company. Finally, of course, we have single mother Takako (Yuka Itaya), who is working at a car company and struggling to raise her child.

Women at work and play are depicted, but with little emotional impact. It’s a nice idea but the production needs to wash away the sheen and get more gritty and realistic.

English title: Girls for Keeps (124 min)



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