Sentimental Yasuko
Passable but flawed thriller
By: Rob Schwartz | May 2, 2012 | Issue: 944 | No Comments | 2,075 views

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Theater director Kei Horie brings his own play to the big screen in this well plotted but overdone thriller. Yasuko (model Azusa Okamoto) is a depressed hostess who has attempted suicide in the past. On the anniversary of her parents’ death she is rushed to the emergency room unconscious—a victim of strangulation. Was she brutally attacked? Did she ask someone to kill her? Yasuko has no memory of the incident but, using her cellphone, police are able to cast suspicion on seven men who were involved with the woman. Flashbacks and interrogations reveal Yasuko’s twisted life and what happened on the night. Reminiscent of the much-better Memories of Matsuko, this flick builds suspense but is sadly drenched in sentimentality and melodrama. The over-the-top acting should have been reeled in considerably, and results in a passable, but flawed, thriller.

(87 min)



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