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Title in Japan: アバター
Director: James Cameron
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 150 min

My apologies, but since there have been no press previews for James Cameron’s latest thrill ride, I won’t have a review for you for a few weeks yet. But here’s what I’ve been able to glean: a wheelchair-bound soldier reluctantly accepts a mission to a spectacular but extremely hostile planet, made possible by transferring his consciousness to a blue, 5m-tall avatar resembling the planet’s native population. Once there, he meets a female who becomes his guide, and he eventually “goes native.” Looks like a good if not completely original story, so let’s hope the SFX don’t overwhelm it.



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  • theduderuns

    It’s playing in English in 3D, but not at all theaters. The smaller theaters are 2D. I went today (Saturday) and the 3D shows were sold out more than an hour in advance. So I saw it in 2D. It’s a terrific movie, even in 2D, so it must be awesome in 3D.

  • itsme

    No worries Mate, I called Movix in Saitama and they said that there will be screenings in both English and Japanese 3D so you won`t have to see it twice unless you really like it.

  • theduderuns

    Thanks for checking. If 3D means dubbed, that’s a bummer. But 2D is…mottainai. Guess I will have to see it in 2D, then go again and see it in 3D.

  • http://metropolis.co.jp/community/members/jameshadfield/ James Hadfield

    Most of the places screening it will also have the option of seeing it in 3D, though this will probably mean that it’s dubbed (subtitles and 3D don’t mix). I just checked the official website (http://movies.foxjapan.com/avatar/theaters_3d/) and it looks like all branches of Toho Cinemas will have 3D, as well as Wald 9 and Piccadilly in Shinjuku, Cinema Sunshine in Ikebukuro, Warner MyCal in Itabashi, T-Joy in Oizumi, 109 in Kiba and a few others.

  • theduderuns

    The question is, can we see it in 3D, and where? (Ok, that’s two questions)