Born to Raise Hell
By: Don Morton | Dec 9, 2010 | Issue: 872 | No Comments | 3,662 views

Born to Raise Hell: ©2010 GAME OF DEATH PRODUCTIONS, LLC

Title in Japan: 沈黙の復讐 Chinmoku no Fukushu
Director: Lauro Chartrand
Starring: Dan Badarau, Steven Seagal, Darren Shahlavi
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Running Time: 98 min Release Date: December 11 2010

Jeez, Steven, if you insist on continuing to make (and write) movies, even direct-to-video ones, couldn’t you exert the tiniest effort to make a new one? Or use your own voice? This ultra-cheapie throwaway, again filmed in Romania but this time taking place there, is so generic-Seagal that I have no idea what it’s about, other than a lot of shooting, tuff talk and one-sided martial arts battles. He even says at one point, “Is that your best shot, punk?” One bright spot: The Great Scowling One actually appears in a sex scene without taking off his overcoat. And that is not a reference to a condom.



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