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Title in Japan: Bridesmaids
Director: Paul Feig
Starring: Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running Time: 125 min

Okay, I took some flak recently for going easy on a couple of rom-coms. (I just can’t help it—sniffle—they’re so fulfilling!) Well, it gets worse, because here comes an endorsement of a chick flick. As you might surmise, this distaff Hangover is about a wedding; more specifically about the mismatched mess of misfits chosen by the bride (Maya Rudolph) to represent the myriad virtues of the fairer sex. Right. It’s been compared to Sex and the City’s approach to women, i.e. that they are every bit as rude and crude as men—but that’s not accurate. These are realistic women, and they’re being as rude and crude as, well, real women. Melissa McCarthy deserves special mention here. Co-writer and star Kristen Wiig, channeling Lucille Ball, plays the bride’s Everywoman BFF, who finds her position as maid of honor threatened by the young, type-A wife of the groom’s boss. But never mind the plot, because this is essentially a string of skits. No one, however, does sketch comedy better than SNL’s Wiig. The ensemble cast is nicely balanced, and the film has heart, wit, mischief and great hilarity. Guys, you’ll like it even if you go on your own.



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