By: Don Morton | Jul 15, 2010 | Issue: 851 | No Comments | 1,871 views

Title in Japan: エグザム
Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Starring: Adar Beck, Gemma Chan, Nathalie Cox
Year: 2009
Country: UK
Running Time: 101 min

Eight ambitious candidates for the job of assistant to the secretive CEO of a major biotech firm file into a claustrophobic exam room for their final hurdle. After receiving terse, precisely worded instructions (only one question, and one answer) and told to begin, they immediately get their first surprise. There’ll be more. Though fierce rivals, they realize they must combine their strengths if one of them is to win. This is a tight, original and finely crafted little psycho-thriller (kind of like Cube, but without the gore) that will keep you captivated right down to the ingenious final-act twists.



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