The Girl Next Door
By: Don Morton | Mar 10, 2010 | Issue: 833 | No Comments | 34,824 views

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Title in Japan: 隣の家の少女 Tonari no Ie no Shoujo
Director: Gregory Wilson
Starring: Blythe Auffarth
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Running Time: 91 min

It is my usual practice to ignore torture-porn movies in the admittedly futile hope that low ticket sales will somehow discourage the continuation of the genre. But you really need to be warned about this repellent piece of crap. It’s based on the real-life torture, rape and killing of a 14-year-old Indiana girl by her twisted, sadistic aunt and some nasty suburban neighborhood kids in 1965. I bill myself as “The guy who goes to all the movies so you don’t have to,” but I walked out of this one just before the clitorectomy by blowtorch. If you like this movie, please start reading a different critic.



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