By: Don Morton | Nov 17, 2009 | Issue: 817 | 3 Comments | 7,155 views


Title in Japan: 2012
Director: Roland Emmerich
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running Time: 158 min

Big, dumber-than-usual, SFX-driven orgy of destruction from big dumb filmmaker Roland Emmerich, who previously blessed us with The Day After Tomorrow and screwed up the American version of Godzilla by making the friggin’ lizard run, fer crissake. It actually contains the line, “The Earth’s crust is disintegrating; we have to evacuate!” And while I admit to enjoying the sight of Los Angeles sinking into the sea (who wouldn’t?), the real disaster here is the cornball script and the screwball “science.” It even has the required “hopeful” ending. Plus it’s really long. Pure, brain-cell-rotting crap.



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  • karoshi

    I’m not gonna watch this. These pussies wimped out showing the destruction of the Kabba in Mecca cos they thought they’d get fatwaed, but blowing up St. Peters was no problem.

  • sudeep

    eager to see the movie in the theatre… :-)