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Your Tweets, archived
By: Sarah Cortina | Apr 29, 2010 | Issue: 840 | No Comments | 766 views

As the world’s largest depository of print material, the United States Library of Congress is devoted to preserving works of cultural importance. The institution receives copies of every single book, piece of music, etc., copyrighted in America. And apparently, this now includes Twitter. The company behind the game-changing microblogging service recently announced that it will donate the complete archive of public tweets to the Library for preservation. While a small number of accounts are kept private, the vast majority of tweeters freely share their wit with the masses, and in a similar spirit of openness, the company is archiving every last “roflmao” and “wtf” for posterity. Tweets will be available for display and research six months after they are posted. At current count, roughly 55 million tweets are sent each day, and that number will likely only keep rising as the site’s popularity expands worldwide. It’s a good thing the messages themselves are so short.




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