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Starting in April
Apr 8, 2010 | No Comments | 787 views


Tsuki no Koibito
Smap’s Takuya Kimura returns with a five-way cross-cultural love tangle involving actresses Ryoko Shinohara, Keiko Kitagawa and Lin Chi-ling, plus rising hottie Shota Matsuda as his male rival. First episode: May 10 at 9pm on Fuji TV, channel 8.



Zettai Reido
Aya Ueto stars as a fresh-faced young detective working with the Metropolitan Police’s cold case squad, whose real-life counterpart was just set up last year. First episode: Apr 13 at 9pm on Fuji TV, channel 8.



Gripping human drama about a teacher at a rural elementary school (Yasuko Matsuyuki) who decides to kidnap one of her students after she discovers the child is being abused. First episode: Apr 14 at 10pm on NTV, channel 4.



Sunao ni Narenakute
Juri Ueno, Eita and Tetsuji Tamayama head up this ensemble piece about a group of angsty 20-somethings who meet via Twitter. First episode: Apr 15 at 10pm on Fuji TV, channel 8.



Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Goody-two-shoes class president Hana (Riisa Naka) sets out to reform school rebel Daichi (Hiroki Narimiya), but her efforts are thwarted when he discovers her bad-girl past. First episode: Apr 23 at 10pm on TBS, channel 6.



Satoshi Ohno stars as the titular prince of Monster Land who travels to the human world along with friends like Frankenstein (played by 7ft-tall Korean kickboxer Choi Hong-man). First episode: Apr 17 at 9pm on NTV, channel 4.



Detective Kyoichiro Kaga (Hiroshi Abe) investigates the murder of a woman in Ningyocho, but soon discovers that virtually all the town’s residents are suspect. First episode: Apr 18 at 9pm on TBS, channel 6.




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