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Starting in January
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Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta
Natsumi (Erika Toda) and her fiancé Shuji (Haruma Miura) are popular young teachers at a local high school. But on the first day of the new term, Shuji wakes up to find a strange girl in bed with him and no memory of how she got there. The plot thickens when she turns out to be one of his students. First episode: Jan 17 at 9pm on Fuji TV.

Saijo no Meii
Adaptation of the popular manga series about a brilliant young pediatric surgeon (Takumi Saito) whose talent and dedication to the job begin to change the lives of his jaded coworkers. Airs at 10pm on TV Tokyo.


Control: Hanzai Shinri Sousa
Nao Matsushita stars as Rio, a detective with the Violent Crimes Division and teamed up with Jun Nagumo (Naohito Fujiki), a psychology professor specializing in criminal behavior analysis. Airs at 9pm on Fuji TV.

Fake: Kyoto Bijutsu Jiken Emaki
Yu (Naomi Zaizen), a part-time university lecturer with a discerning artistic eye, gets caught up in the investigation when a famous Edo-era painting is stolen. Airs at 10pm on NHK.

Utsukushii Rinjin
When Saki (Yukie Nakama) moves in next door, lonely housewife Eriko (Dan Rei) thinks she has found a friend. But the beautiful and mysterious new neighbor soon sets out to seduce Eriko’s husband. Airs at 10pm on Fuji TV.

Tough street kids Shun (Saki Fukuda) and Takeru (Yuya Matsushita) are recruited by the police to go undercover in “Midori-machi,” a lawless, Mafia-controlled neighborhood filled with drug labs and visa overstayers. Initially sent to gather information, they soon vow to take down the gangs responsible. Based on a new work by Shinjuku Shark series author Arimasa Osawa. First episode: Jan 18 at 1am on TBS.


Misaki Number One!!
Gokusen meets kyaba-jo in this madcap tale of a Roppongi hostess (Karina) who becomes a high school teacher with a class full of, you guessed it, the school’s worst delinquents and dropouts. Also starring Aya Oomasa. Airs at 10pm on NTV.


Gaikokan Kuroda Kosaku
This sequel to the 2009 film Amalfi brings back Yuji Oda as the titular diplomat, this time paired with the cartographically obsessed detective Rikako (Kou Shibasaki). First episode: Jan 13 at 10pm on Fuji TV.

Jidan Koshonin Gota Keshi
Akihiro Nishino stars as Torajiro “Byakko” Shirai, a former foreign service agent and working as a freelance mediator, or “gota-keshi.” Also starring Shiori Kutsuna. Airs at 11:58pm on NTV.


Togashi (Katsunori Takahashi) is a Sergeant in the Yokohama police’s Violent Crimes Division. This anti-hero and his team will use whatever means necessary, from concealing evidence to outright lies, to put away the bad guys. First episode: Jan 21 at 9pm on TV Asahi.

(C) TV Asahi

Lady: Saigo no Hanzai Profile
Keiko Kitagawa tackles her first primetime starring role as Shoko Kazuki, a criminal profiler who studied at the FBI academy. Tapped by lead investigator Yuki Akira (Tae Kimura), she joins a newly established profiling division called CPS. Airs at 10pm on TBS.

Masaki Aiba of Arashi stars in this adaptation of the popular manga about Ryu Sasakura, a genius bartender who lends a willing ear and a helping hand to his troubled customers. First episode: Feb 4 at 11:15pm on TV Asahi.

The members of K-pop group Kara star as themselves in this Charlie’s Angels-esque tale. Each episode presents the girls with a new target whom they must seduce and make fall in love with them. First episode: Jan 14 at 12:12am on TV Tokyo.

Heaven’s Flower: The Legend of Arcana
In the year 2060, Japan is a barren wasteland slowly rebuilding. In the neglected District 7, a young girl named Ai (Umika Kawashima) works as a deadly assassin for a mysterious organization called Last Garden. First episode: Jan 14 at 12:20am on TBS.


Deka Wanko
Mikako Tabe stars in this wacky, manga-based comedy about Ichiko Hanamori, a Loli-Goth detective who uses her dog-like sense of smell to solve crimes. First episode: Jan 15 at 9pm on NTV.


This year’s NHK Taiga drama stars Juri Ueno as the titular princess, wife of the Tokunaga shogun Toyotomi Hidetada (Yoshihiko Hakamada). Airs at 8pm on NHK.

Fuyu no Sakura
Billed as a Japanese version of the Korean tearjerker Winter Sonata, this drama stars Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Miki Imai as tragic lovers. First episode: Jan 16 at 9pm on TBS.

To fulfill a promise to his mentor, Seiichiro Naruse (Yosuke Eguchi) returns to his old elementary school as a teacher, where he begins to tackle the bullying and other serious issues faced by today’s children. First episode: Jan 16 at 9pm on Fuji TV.




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