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Twitter-themed series
By: Sarah Cortina | Mar 11, 2010 | No Comments | 802 views

The rise of Twitter during the past year has certainly been phenomenal, but a look at the numbers makes it clear that Mixi still reigns supreme in Japan’s SNS community. That might change soon thanks to a new program to be aired on Fuji TV. Starting in April, the network will be launching a—get this—Twitter-themed series called Sunao ni Narenakute (“I Can’t be Honest”). Starring up-and-coming actors Juri Ueno (Nodame Cantabile) and Eita (Dear Doctor), the ensemble drama details the lives and loves of five 20-somethings who meet via the microblogging service. It’s scripted by veteran screenwriter Eriko Kitagawa (Beautiful Life, Long Vacation), who frequently tweets (@halu1224) about how she “doesn’t understand” the site. Indeed, Kitagawa’s account suffered a slump in February when she apparently forgot her password and was unable to access it for two weeks.




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