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Seiki no Dai Jikken
By: Sarah Cortina | Oct 29, 2009 | No Comments | 1,984 views

Courtesy of NTV

Courtesy of NTV

Zillion-selling boy band Arashi is well on its way to inheriting Smap’s crown as the supergroup of Japan. To cement this status, the five members are undertaking a marathon week of TV appearances in commemoration of their 10th anniversary. During “Arashi Challenge Week” on NTV, at least one group member will appear on each of the network’s major shows, for a total of over 50 hours. The event culminates with Seiki no Dai Jikken, a three-hour live broadcast featuring the band’s popular “scientific experiments,” like trying to make sakura bloom in autumn and attempting to sail in a boat made of salt. Other highlights include a live musical performance and video footage of memorable moments from the past decade.

Airs November 1 at 7pm on NTV, channel 4.




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