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Friday January 21, 2011
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King of Pain

Looking for some chainsaws and severed feet? Or perhaps you find yourself in need of machine guns, robotic arms and a few human heads sporting miniature arms with space pistols. Whatever your desire, Yasuhiro Nishimura has it. The director and special effects maestro is Japan's go-to guy when it comes to "action gore," the genre he pioneered with films like Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. Join our writer for an exclusive interview with the Monster Maker himself.

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Can you hear me now?

How many times do we need to be warned that "the doors are closing"? And don't even get me started on those incessant jingles. Railway officials in Japan seem to believe that their trains and platforms are full of bewildered, vulnerable children, possibly using a train for the first time, and in urgent need of endlessly repeated "guidance." It's time for the train companies to change their tune.

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Shake it up

Ask a top Japanese bartender what distinguishes them from their American counterparts and they will almost always talk about shaking. In the West, bartenders mix every drink alike, shaking like it's showtime. Nick Coldicott gets a lesson in the difference from Takayuki Suzuki, Park Hotel bartender and author of The Perfect Martini (look for the forthcoming English edition from Komakusa Publishing).

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The Metpod

HSBCQuick-witted Grammy Award winner Christopher Cross was recently concertizing in Tokyo, but took time out for an exclusive MetPod interview, sharing his thoughts on such diverse topics as guns, sushi, long-distance romance, Tokyo, Osaka, okonomiyaki, Obama, Bush, Glee, Rush Limbaugh, Lady Gaga, Howard Stern, Napster, Limewire and Bit-torrent.


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