Friday, 25 Sep 2009
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The Weekend MetPod

Thinking about a movie this weekend, better listen to hear what our film critic, Don Morton has to say first. Don calls them as he see’s them and he doesn’t mince words. If the movie’s a stinker, he’ll tell you so in no uncertain terms. As Morton-san always tells us, he  goes to all the movie–so you don’t have to.

And, our in-demand musician, Kaleb James calls in his Concert Calender, a heads-up reort about all the cool concerts headed our way, not only the big stadium concerts, but the cool jazz and funk concerts at places like the Cotton Club, Blue Note and Billboard Live.  The cool thing about Kaleb is he personally knows or has played with most of the musicians he talks about.

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Listener, Ruth Shiraishi gives us a fabulously enthusiastic and colorful report about the recent Black-Eyed Pea’s concert here in Tokyo, if you missed the concert you’ll definitely want to hear her fast-moving report. And, another listener, Kevin Glenz called in his review about the recent COED concert at the Tokyo Blue Note.

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