Saturday, 19 Feb 2011
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Our MetPod is in 2 Parts This Week

Special guests this week include Supermodel/actress Maya Murofushi who brings us up-to-date with what’s happening with her movie career, and Tokyo Marathon runnerĀ Joseph Tame who will explain why he’ll be wearing windmills on his helmet (see pic below) during the run and why so many TV stations are focusing on some of the other unusual things he’ll be doing.

Supermodel/Actress Maya Murofushi (Picture courtesy of Ivan Toscanelli)

In PART-2, musician Kaleb James will bring us up-to-date on the top concerts coming to Tokyo… Our ShowBiz reporter Chris Betros will inform us about recent celebrity visits, and our editor Sarah Cortina will file her final report and tell us about her new job. Also in Part-2,

Tokyo Marathon runner Joseph Tame in 'live' streaming running attire.

Joseph Tame returns to suggest apps that are especially useful for runners, and we’ll hear special reports from stories found on the JAPAN TODAY website and filed by Douglas Kirkpactrick and Tom Dufleit.

Portions of this weeks MetPod were recorded at Suji’s Restaurant. Suji’s is a proud new sponsor of the MetPod.

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