Thursday, 29 Mar 2012
 Editor-in-chief Jeff Richards [22:27m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2104)

Japan’s #1 English Language Magazine… Hear ¬†directly from the editor-in-chief about items of interest in our current edition and what’s planned for some of our future editions. Also, please forgive my horrible cold….ugh. More vitamin C, orange juice and rest!

Sunday, 25 Mar 2012
 TEDDY's BIGGER BURGERS in Tokyo [30:39m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (989)

Everything you need to know about the burger biz Burger creator Ted Tsakiris has recently arrived in Tokyo to re-tune his namesake TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGERS in Tokyo located between Harajuku and Shibuya. ¬†In our one-on-one interview, Ted tells us what he’s done to get his burgers back on parr with the burgers in his famous [...]

Friday, 23 Mar 2012
 Concert Calendar and Comments with Kaleb James [14:00m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1834)

Concert Calendar Get updated with the concerts and artists coming to Tokyo with musician Kaleb James.              

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2012
 Standard Podcast [32:12m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1424)

  TEDDY’S BIGGER BURGER namesake Ted Tsakiris is visiting Tokyo from Honolulu to fine-tune the burgers being made at his busy Harajuku burger shop, and he shares some of the things he’s doing to make his burgers better. Also joining us is “FluterScooter” a Julliard trained flute player who shares her music and tells us [...]

Friday, 16 Mar 2012
 A Chat with the Editor-in-chief [29:14m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1753)

Musician Kaleb James gets us all to sing “Bumm, bumm, ba, ba boom, boom, boom…” You’ll have to hear it for yourself. Meanwhile, our Editor-in-Chief Jeff Richards tells us about what’s in thie weeks magazine and Humanitarian clown Guy Totaro brings us up-to-date on some of the progress being made with the children of Tohoku. [...]

Friday, 16 Mar 2012
 BILL HERESY - SAM MACARONI [32:07m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (1366)

35,000,000 YouTube Views and Counting! Meet Sam Macaroni the YouTube producer/director/actor/singer/songwriter who’s been creating his own unique brand of YouTube video’s that go viral immediately after he posts. Within the next 32-minutes you’ll hear some of his secrets toward achieving maximum downloads. Along the way, you’ll also hear some of his great thumpin-’n’-pumpin’ music. Also [...]

Saturday, 10 Mar 2012
 Standard Podcast [2:36m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2207)

Cyndi Lauper in Japan Cyndi Lauper landed in Japan on the day of the big earthquake and tsunami of 3/11 and she tells us about her experience in this short MetPod podcast.

Friday, 2 Mar 2012
 All About BUBBY's [21:54m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (47)

Best Burger in Tokyo? New York City’s famous Tribeca restaurant BUBBY’S is now in Japan. Listen as Warren Wadud (owner of NIRVANA NEW YORK) introduces his friend Ron Silver (owner of BUBBY’s) to Tokyo. Hear how the opportunity came up and the deal went down. Fascinating story.

Thursday, 1 Mar 2012
 Chat with Editor-in-Chief Jeff Richards [27:45m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4432)

What’s Going On and In Japan’s #1 English Language Magazine Among the many articles and items found in our magazine, we also talk with our Editor-in-Chief Jeff Richards about teaching English in Japan and what you put on natto to make it more delicious.