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Google Crisis Response. Useful source for updates and information. Also has Google Person Finder which is useful if you’re trying to locate someone. For people in Japan, please check to see if your family is looking for you and you have not been able to establish contact.

List of Embassies, Consulates and International Organizations in Japan if you need assistance from your country’s consulate mission or embassy.

Aftershocks can happen at anytime after an earthquake. Sometimes weeks to months later. Aftershocks can sometimes be bigger than the original so please be cautious during this period and be prepared. Have at least 3 days water in your home, and food and blankets.

Japan Earthquake Emergency Appeal

Sendai, Japan


We urgently need metal gasoline cans and people who can come onsite to help.

There is no food at all.

Please help us get the word out.

Japan Earthquake Emergency Information

I. Emergency Help

If you need help in any way from anywhere in Japan please call or email for assistance.

Local volunteers are on site throughout Japan to help.

Telephone Services are very bad so numbers will work sporadically, but for emergency assistance please call 0570 000 911 or 090 3080 6711 or 090 7170 4769 or 022 261 1111 extention 4874 or 4876 or to www.jhelp.com or team@jhelp.com from throughout Japan.

If you are able to help in providing a place to stay or other assistance please contact team@jhelp.com

II. Volunteers

Those able to help on site in Sendai, Japan or assist locally are asked to send name, telephone, and age to team@jhelp.com

III. Emergency Supplies

Supplies urgently needed on site are:

20 Liter Metal Gasoline Cans, Bottled Water, Canned and instant food, sleeping bags, electric water pots, coffee, tea, cream, powdered milk, tents, rice

Supplies can be sent to:

The Japan Emergency Team
3-3-7 Kokubun Cho
Aoba Ku
Sendai Shi
Miyagi Ken
Japan 980 8671

IV. Assistance

Support can be made to Postal Furikae 00160 7 162438 Nihon Kinkyu Enjotai

The Japan Emergency Team

0570 000 911
090 7170 4769
090 3080 6711



Stay warm, stay safe.