Some selected results of the Metropolis 2011 Readers Survey. Thanks to all who took the time to participate!

Please continue to post your comments on the website and contact with any questions or comments.

selected comments

“Provide copies to libraries of universities in the Tokyo area.”
“Wish you were available at newsstands. I would pay.”
“Return to weekly!!!”
“Schedule change is understandable with the shift away from print demand.”
“Better distribution of print copies.”
“Publish earlier! I don’t see weekend event info until Friday, by which time plans are set.”

“Have extra content online instead of dumping it all to print.”
“Your brand logo online needs more color, it’s just black and white.”
“One-page ads rather than small ads everywhere.”
“How about a smartphone app screen-type cover?”
“Go back to previous format from a few years back.”

“Make a better iPhone app.”
“Your Classifieds section is still clunky.”
“I like your non-print PDF.”
“Faster website, more digital content and content consumption options.”
“Your site should have a button for users to add restaurants, stores, etc. to a map.”

“The main issue is not the stories or reviews, but rather how poorly they are researched and written.”
“Fire the guy that does your movie reviews.”
“Too many plastic surgery ads. It’s just a waste of paper!”
“Event listings are so error-filled you might as well get rid of them.”
“The shorter texts are best because they do not have the chance to become bigoted, incendiary or discriminatory.”
“This survey does not allow for proper responses.”

“Japanese culture, beliefs and workplace practices.”
“Financial advice—trading Japanese stocks, J business news…”
“Vegetarian/vegan and organic products info.”
“Events beyond getsumatsu parties.”
“Directions to bars, etc in plain English.”
“Unique products and technologies in Japan.”
“Family-friendly places or activities and events.”
“Reviews of mangakissa.”
“Japanese movies, books, and manga.”
“More kanji.”
“Whatever happened to ‘The Negi?’”
“Keep as many art, festival, cultural, events coming as you can.”
“More info about jobs.”
“Free stuff.”

“A humorous column teaching useful Japanese phrases.”
“Holiday package ads for trains and buses in Japan.”
“An open space for people to share thoughts on religion and politics.”
“Creative content—humor pieces, poetry, fiction, etc.”
“Leave out Classifieds in print. The online edition is up-to-date and easier to navigate.”

“The parts of Tokyo outside Shinjuku or Shibuya are largely ignored.”
“The age of the Caucasian over-paid, under-brained banker has ended.”
“More Japanese editors needed.”
“Most bands reviewed are pretentious bands only hipsters like or pretend to like to sound cool.”
“Metpod has turned into a sexual innuendo blah between Kaleb and Kong.”
“Too many salad bars, yuppie restaurants and dull dance DJ articles.”
“Careful about nudity in ads. I can never bring your magazine to school!”
“Tired of a) the appeal to the imaginary male expat (cars, girls in bikini, etc.); b) expensive, western-style restaurants; or c) when you try to appeal to the female demographic, it’s all waxing, yoga, hair, and a travesty of a column called ‘expat wives.’”

“I work on my Halloween Glitterball costume every year around July.”
“Thank you for the wonderful resource.”
“This was a well-thought-out survey.”
“It is great to have a free magazine.”
“I love Kong since 1980.”
“Making sure you attract a wide readership to please advertisers is crucial.”
“A great mag/community.”
“I first picked up Metropolis in 1999 and it was my lifeline to the city. All these years later I love that familiar feel of reading it.”
“Being the best is hard to improve upon.”
“I hope you hire me as one of your staff.”
“Has helped a ton with my transition to Japan.”
“Happy New Year 2012 to all who are behind the success of this beautiful and content-full magazine.”

Other selected results

Some of your selected comments—the good, the bad, and the downright oo-er—are coming soon to an issue of the magazine near you!

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  1. guilhem | February 16, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    The colors are a bit fishy… They’re kind of a gradient but sometimes not. I don’t see any logic…

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