Kuroshio Inn
Seaside Haikyo
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Kuroshio Inn


Kuroshio Inn


Awaji Island.


This haikyo is located on a beautiful island in Shigoku. A short hike on an abandoned hill was required to reach this place. On the way, you are very likely to encounter wild boars, deers, cats and all sorts animals. Once you have finally reached the abandoned hotel, you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the sea and a nice breeze. The photo spot of this place is the restaurant downstairs, with colourful lights and armchairs.

Kuroshio Inn

Kuroshio Inn

Kuroshio Inn


At the top of some little mountain, on the East side of the Awaji Island. Look up, and you will find it.

Kuroshio Inn

Kuroshio Inn


Photos by Jordy Meow and text by Jing Meow.
Kuroshio Inn Haikyo on Haikyo.org.




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