Maya Hotel
Ghostly waiters and golden light
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Maya Hotel


Maya Hotel




Most people know Maya hotel for its beautiful hexagonal room that bathes in gentle light on a sunny afternoon. Some know it for the airplane tire dropped from the sky, which went through the roof and landed on the patio. And others, only the elite of haikyo adventurers, know Maya for the ghosts which reside there, many still dressed in their waiters’ uniforms.

A steep trail leads to the hotel, which could be hard work on a rainy day or in the burning summer sun.

Maya Hotel

Maya Hotel


It is located next to the Maya Ropeway. Look up, you cannot miss it! Then you might have to go for a good long hike, or maybe there is a faster way?

Maya Hotel

Maya Hotel


Photos by Jordy Meow and text by Jing Meow.
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