Namezawa School
The school that was forgotten in the deep forest
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Abandoned Classroom


Namezawa School


Yamanashi Prefecture.


Namezawa School was one of our favorite destinations. It was next to a bamboo forest and a beautiful valley. The school is typically abandoned when the village around became uninhabited. The unusual part of this school is that the inside of it was so not abandoned, as if the students simply went away for a long summer holiday. Just as we were planning another visit to this lovely wooden school, it simply disappeared, as if it has never been there before. Some says the school has been ‘relocated’…Let me know if you come across it somewhere else.

Abandoned School Heater


Abandoned School Music


Used to be in Yamanashi Prefecture, near Mt. Fuji. Has been probably moved to a new location by its previous (now really old) students.

Abandoned SlideAbandoned Slide IINinomiya Abandoned


Photos by Jordy Meow and text by Jing Meow.
Namezawa School on Haikyo.




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